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2020-2021 学年初三英语知识点归纳及题型专练:D 篇阅读
According to a new scientific research, we are rapidly going close to major climate change and the effects on
the environment could be quite serious. Geographers predict that climate zones could completely disappear within
the next eighty years. Where will crops be grown if this happens? When the climate changes a lot, polar regions
will get colder and tropical regions will get even hotter. As a result, where will animals be forced to move on the
Climate changes like these could lead to the spread of diseases. Tropical storms and hurricanes(飓风) will not
only increase but may also become stronger. If the changes come too quickly, animals and plants may not be able to
adapt(适应) right away and could disappear from the earth.
According to Science Daily, a new study predicts that, by the year 2100, many of today’s familiar climates will
be taken place by climate unknown in today’s world. It is urgent that we reduce the risks of far-reaching results for
the whole world. The planet itself has been showing signs of change. In 2004, a huge tsunami created by a major
earthquake killed thousands in Sumatra and in 2008, thousands more died in China in another big earthquake.
Egypt was hit in 2009 with a major earthquake and Haiti was destroyed seriously and became ruins in 2010 by
another big earthquake.
Not long ago, scientists discovered ice melting(融化) in west Antarctica(南极洲). This is very worrying
because temperatures in this area have remained rather constant(不断的) and actually even lower at time. Melting
occurs when temperatures increase and since temperatures have remained, the ice should not be melting. However,
satellite data(数据) shows melting around west Antarctica.
Within just the last few months, new reports from around the world have been coming in and most agree that
our climate situation is much worse than previously expected. At this point, it doesn’t matter what is causing it, but
rather, what can be done about it. On the other hand, our world is getting more and more unstable(不稳定) every
year. Natural disasters(灾难) are becoming more frequent(频繁的) and serious.
However, other planets are experiencing global warming as well as our own and some scientists believe there
may be some connections between these. No one knows anything for sure at this point because there is simply not enough data.
1. What’s the writer’s attitude toward the climate changes?
A. We should observe the great changes of the climate carefully.
B. We must connect with other planets to prevent the climate changes.
C. We should try our best to do something against the climate changes.
D. We need to discover what causes the climate changes first of all.
2. What does the underlined word “tropical” mean?
A. cold and dry B. cool and wet C. hot and wet D. warm and dry
3. What can be inferred from the passage?
A. Collecting more data will help us to solve the problem.
B. The climate will be much better than we have expected.
C. Earthquakes can be avoided in a few years’ time.
D. The ice in west Antarctica will stop melting in the future.
4. What’s the passage mainly about?
A. It tells us how to protect the environment of the earth.
B. It talks about the bad effects of the climate changes.
C. It shows us how to prevent diseases from spreading.
D. It describes what we should do with the earthquakes.
写这篇文章主要是为了引起读者们对此事的关注,故选 C2.【答案】:C
【解析】:词义猜测题。根据此单词前的一句 polar regions will get colder 的意思,基地会变得更冷,可知 tropical
的意思是热带的,应选 C
【解析】:推理判断题。根据文章最后一段中的 No one knows anything for sure at this point because there is
simply not enough data,可知推断需要更多的数据,故选 A。
【解析】:纵观全文,由文章的大意,得知文章主要讲述的是全球变暖将会引起的一系列的气候变化,故选 B
I stopped to watch my little girl busy playing in her room. In one hand was a plastic phone, in the other a toy
broom. I listened as she was speaking to her imaginary friend and I'll never forget the words she said, even though
it was pretend(假装).
She said, "Suzie's in the corner because she's not been very good. She didn't listen to a word I said or do the
things she should." In the corner I saw her baby doll all dressed in lace and pink. It was obvious she'd been put
there to sit alone and think.
My daughter continued her "conversation," as I sat down on the floor. She said, "I'm all fed up, I just don't
know what to do with her anymore. She cries whenever I have to work and wants to play games, too. She never lets
me do the things that I just have to do.
She tries to help me with the dishes, but her arms just cannot reach and she doesn't know how to fold towels. I
don't have the energy to teach. I have a lot of work to do and a big house to keep clean. I don't have the time to sit and play. Don't you know what I mean?"
And that day I thought a lot about making some changes in my life, as I listened to her innocent(天真的) words
that cut me like a knife. I hadn't been paying enough attention to what I hold most dear.
But now my attitude has changed, because, in my heart, I realize I've seen the world in a different light through
my little darling's eyes. So, let the cobwebs (蜘蛛网) have the corners and the dust bunny rabbit rule the floor, I'm
not going to worry about keeping up with them anymore .
I'm going to fill the house with memories of a child and her mother, for we have only one childhood, and we will
never get another.
1. What was the little girl doing with her doll?
A. She was dressing up her doll.
B. She was playing the doll with her friend Suzie.
C. She was talking to her mother.
D. She was punishing her doll.
2. How did mother feel when she heard the “conversation”?
A. Worried. B. Regretful. C. Disappointed. D. Sad.
3. What can we learn from this passage?
A. The mother shouldn’t blame her daughter.
B. The mother should spend enough time with her daughter.
C. The mother shouldn’t carry responsibilities that many.
D. The mother should pay attention to her daughter’s words.
【解析】细节理解题根据第二段意思知道,小女孩是在惩罚他的玩具娃娃。故选 D2. 【答案】B
【解析】细节理解题 A. Worried.担心 B. Regretful.后悔 C Disappointed.失望 D.Sad 悲伤根据短文意思和答案,
我们知女孩的妈妈听见女儿说的话应该是后悔没有陪女儿,忽视了她。故选 B
3. 【答案】B
【解析】细节理解题根据最后一段总结,妈妈应该是多陪陪孩子。故选 B
Is the Mobile Phone a Must-have for Teenagers?
Next time you're in a public place, take a look around you, and count how many people are using their mobile
phones. I can tell you now that it is probably more than half, whether you're on public transport, in a café or simply
walking down the street. With the development of technology, we can now do almost anything on the mobile
phones. How does the use of mobile phones affect(影响) the young? Do they really need mobile phones or not?
Some British parents, teachers and teenagers give their opinions on this subject.
Parents want their kids to be safe. Are teenagers safer with a mobile phone or without? William, a parent of
two kids, says, "The great thing about my kids having mobile phones is that I can keep in touch with them. The
worst thing about teenagers having phones is that some young people use them to send impolite messages to each
other." Some parents have rules about their children's mobile phone and internet usage. If they break the rules, their
phones will be kept by their parents.
In the UK, students can take their mobile phones to school, but they are not allowed to use them in class.
Some teachers complain(抱怨) that students don’t always follow the rules. They don't listen carefully in class
because they are using their phones to surf the internet, chat with friends or so on. As for the students, most of them
think phones are part of their lives. They can keep in touch with family and friends, and they can take photos, keep
important information and surf the internet, which is very convenient(方便). Some consider phones as a kind of
fashion(时尚) and they don't want others to see them as "out" or "different".
It’s true that mobile phones have become a symbol of the modern life. This form of technology makes teenagers' life much more convenient, but if teenagers depend too much on them, it can lead to serious problems.
Increasingly scientists are saying that everyone needs a break from mobile phones — put them away and
experience “the real life”. In fact it can be very easy — next time when you go out with friends, put all of your
phones in the middle of the table. Whoever touches his phone first has to pay the bill!
Indeed, the convenience brought by mobile phones is great, but don't let your phone become more important
than the “real” people in your “real” life.
1. The mobile phones will probably be kept by parents if the teenagers________.
A. go out with classmates and friends and pay the bill
B. search for a lot of important information and keep it
C. take them to school and look up new words after class
D. send impolite messages and surf the Internet too much
2. According to the passage which of the following is true?
A. All students consider mobile phones as a kind of fashion.
B. Teachers allow students to use mobile phones in class in the UK.
C. Parents often count how many young people are using mobile phones.
D. More and more scientists think people need a break from mobile phones.
3. What does the writer mainly want to tell us?
A. Schools should stop students from taking their phones to school.
B. The mobile phone is the most important invention in modern life.
C. Mobile phones are useful but teenagers shouldn’t totally depend on them.
D. Talking with friends on mobile phones is better than doing it face to face.1.【答案】D
【解析】词义猜测题。根据 catch on 一词后面的一句 More and more people decide to “go green”,可推断 catch
on 的意思就是变得流行。故选 D。
【解析】细节理解题。根据文章中的 It starts with small, simple actions. It can soon build into a wave that will
change the whole planet and lead us all to healthier, happier lives。可知选 D 与之相符。
知 C 选项正确。故选 C。
Bad news travels fast – when you watch the evening news or read the morning papers, it seems that things
that get the most coverage are all sad events or situations like wars, earthquakes, floods, fires and murders.
This is the classic rule for mass media (大众传媒). ―They want your eyeballs and don’t care how you’re
feeling,‖ Jonah Berger, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, US, told The New York Times.
But with social media getting more and more popular, information is now being spread in different ways, and
researchers are discovering new rules – good news can actually spread faster and farther than bad accidents and
other sad stories.
Berger and his colleague Katherine Milkman looked at thousands of articles on The New York Times’ website
and analyzed (分析) the ―most e-mailed‖ list for six months.
One of his findings was that articles in the science part were much more likely to make the list. Those
science stories waked up feelings of awe (敬畏) and made the readers want to share this positive emotion with
Besides science stories, readers were also found to be likely to share articles that were exciting or funny.
“The more positive an article was, the more likely it was to be shared,”Berger wrote in his new book. “For example, stories about newcomers falling in love with New York City,” he writes, “seemed to be shared more than the death
of a popular zookeeper.”
But does all this good news actually make the readers feel better? Not necessarily.
According to a study by researchers at Harvard University, people are more likely to say more positive things
about themselves when they’re talking to a bigger audience, rather than just one person, which helps explain all the
perfect vacations that keep showing up on micro blogs. This, researchers found, makes people think that life is
unfair and that they’re less happy than their friends.
But no worries. There’s a quick and easy way to take the despair from you that you get from viewing other
people’s seemingly perfect lives – turn on the television and watch the news. There is always someone doing worse
than you are.
1. In Berger’s opinion, bad news covers most papers because ______.
A. the public cares for reading sad events
B. mass media wants to attract the public’s attention
C. the public tries to share positive feelings with each other
D. mass media wants the public to help those unlucky people
2. Which of the following might be e-mailed most according to Berger?
A. The perfect vacation of your friend.
B. The death of a popular zookeeper.
C. The story of a creative scientist.
D. The flood hitting a small town.
3. We can infer from the passage that ______.
A. bad news always makes people sad
B. good news sometimes has negative influenceC. people can remove despair by reading good news
D. people prefer to share bad news with a bigger audience
4. What would be the best title for the passage?
A. Good News Spreads Fast
B. The Power of Good News
C. The Effect of Bad News
D. Bad News Travels Fast
【解析】细节理解题。根据文中信息 This is the classic rule for mass media.they want your eyeballs and don' care
how you're' feeling,””可知,大众媒体只是想得到人们的关注,他们不在乎观众的感受,故选 B。
2. 【答案】C
【解析】细节理解题。根据文中信息 Those science stories waked up feelings of awe 敬畏) and made the readers
want to share this positive emotion with others.可知,与科学有关的故事最有可能得到快速的传播,故选 C。
3. 【答案】B
【解析】细节理解题。根据文中信息 does all this good news actually make the audience feel better? Not
necessarily.”和倒数第二段“this. makes people think that life is unfair and that they' re less happy than their
friends”可知,并不是所有正面的新闻报道都能传递正面的能量,故选 B。
4. 【答案】A
【解析】Bad news travels fast – when you watch the evening news or read the morning papers, it seems that things
that get the most coverage are all sad events or situations like wars, earthquakes, floods, fires and murders.
But no worries. There’s a quick and easy way to take the despair from you that you get from viewing other
people’s seemingly perfect lives – turn on the television and watch the news. There is always someone doing worse
than you are. 五
Some people think that they have an answer to the problems of automobile crowding and pollution in large cities.
Their answer is the bicycle, or bike.
In a great many cities, hundreds of people ride bicycles to work every day. In New York City, some bike riders
have even formed a group called “Bike for a Better City”. They claim that if more people rode bicycles to work
there would be fewer automobiles in the downtown section of the city and therefore less dirty air from car engines.
For several years this group has been trying to get city government to help bicycle riders. For example, they
want the city to paint special lanes—for bicycles only—on some of the main streets, because when bicycle riders
must use the same lanes as cars, there may be accidents. “Bike for a Better City” feels that if there were special
lanes, more people would use bikes.
But no bicycle lanes have been painted yet. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea. Taxi drivers don’t like the
idea—they say it will slow traffic. Some store owners on the main streets don’t like the idea—they say that if there
is less traffic, they will have less business. And most people live too far from downtown to travel by bike.
The city government has not yet decided what to do. It wants to keep everyone happy. On weekends, Central
Park—the largest open place in New York—is closed to cars, and the roads may be used by bicycles only. But
“Bike for a Better City” says that this is not enough and keeps fighting to get bicycle lanes downtown. Until that
happens, the safest place to bicycle may be in the park.
1. The underlined word “automobiles” in the second paragraph means ______.
A. cars B. trains C. planes D. ships
2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A. Special lanes are needed on every street.
B. “Bike for a Better City” members ride bicycles to work. C. The Central Park is closed to cars on weekdays.
D. Accidents won’t happen if cars and bikes are on different lanes.
3. No bicycle lanes have been painted yet because ______.
A. the city government can’t help to paint the lanes
B. the main streets are not wide enough
C. the idea isn’t accepted by all
D. there’s no need for most people to travel by bike
4. This passage is mainly about ______.
A. city problems and “Bike for a Better City”
B. “Bike for a Better City” and the city government
C. the government’s idea on traffic and city pollution
D. a suggestion on the city problems of traffic and pollution
【解析】词义猜测题。根据上下文可知,如果更多人骑自行车上班,市区的“汽车”就会更少,故答案为 A
2. 【答案】B
【解析】推理判断题。根据第二段中的 New York City,some bike riders have even formed a group called"Bike for
a BetterCity”. They claim that if more people rode bicycles to work 可知,选项 B 是正确的描述。
3. .【答案】C
答案为 C。
4【答案】D【解析】主旨大意题。本文讲的是纽约在城市交通和污染方面的一条建议,故答案为 D
Are you shy? If you are, you are not alone. In fact, close to 50 percent of people are shy. Almost 80 percent of
people feel shy at some point in their lives. These days, shyness is becoming more and more common. Now,
scientists are trying to understand shyness. They have some interesting ideas about why people are shy.
Is it possible to be born shy? Many scientists say yes. They say 15 to 20 percent of babies behave shyly. These
babies are a little quieter and more watchful than other babies. Interestingly, these shy babies usually have shy
parents. As a result, scientists think that some shyness is genetic.
Family size might cause people to be shy as well. Scientists at Harvard University studied shy children. They
found that 66 percent of them had older brothers and sisters. As a result, they became shy. At the same time,
children with no brothers and sisters may be shy as well. Growing up alone, they often play by themselves. They
are not able to learn the same social skills as children from big families.
You may also be shy because of where you were born. When scientists studied shyness in different countries,
they found surprising differences. In Japan, most people said they were shy. But in Israel, only one of three people
said so. What explains the difference? One scientist says the Japanese and Israelis have different opinions of failure.
In Japan, when people do not succeed, they feel bad about themselves. They blame(责备)themselves for their
failure. In Israel, the opposite is true. Israelis often blame failure on outside reasons, such as family, teachers,
friends, or bad luck. In Israel, freedom of opinion and risk taking are strongly supported. This may be why Israelis
worry less about failure and are less shy.
For shy people, it can be difficult to make friends, speak in class, and even get a good job. But scientists say
you can get over your shyness. They suggest trying new things and practicing conversation. And don’t forget---if
you are shy, you are not the only one.
1. What is the passage mainly about?A. Happiness. B. Shyness. C. Kindness. D. Loneliness.
2What does the underlined word “genetic” in paragraph 2 probably mean?
A. Passed down from parents. B. Learned from friends
C. Taught by teachers. D. Made up by brothers.
3. Which one is not the reason of shyness according to the scientists’ ideas?
A. Genetics. B. Family size C. Failure D. Birthplace.
4. What can you do if you want to get over your shyness?
A. Try to know why you are shy.
B. Talk to your parents and blame them.
C. Try to learn some social skills.
D. Try new things and practice conversation.
1. 【答案】B
害羞的三个原因,最后说害羞虽然有很多害处,但是是可以改变的。所以本文讲的主要是害羞。故选 B
2. 【答案】A
【解析】细节理解题。前文说到 Interestingly, these shy babies usually have shy parents. As result 有趣的是,这
些害羞的婴儿通常有害羞的父母,由此判断 genetic"意为从父母传下来的基因。故选 A。
3. 【答案】C
生地,所以 C 不是害羞的原因,故选 C
4. 【答案】D
【解析】细节理解题。文章最后一段说到 T hey suggest trying new things and practicing conversation.他们建议尝试新事物,练习交谈,这样可以改变害羞的性格。故选 D
Technology to Help Developing Countries
When we think about giving help to developing countries, we often think about giving money so that these
countries can build schools and hospitals, buy food and medicine, or find clean water supplies. These seem to be
the most important basic needs of the people we are trying to help. However, it’s far from enough. Ladies and
gentlemen, we’ve got to come up with some better ideas to help them.
I was very surprised, then, when I read about a plan to make cheap laptop computers for children in developing
countries. A man called Nicholas Negroponte invented a cheap laptop computer, which can run without electricity.
He decided to invent this computer after he visited a school in Cambodia.
The laptop which Mr.Negroponte has designed is a little different from the normal laptop computers you can
buy in the shops. One difference is that it will be covered in rubber(橡胶)so that it is very strong and won’t be
damaged easily. As an electricity supply can be a problem in developing countries,the computer also has a special
handle so that children can wind the computer up to give it extra power when needed.
These special laptop computers will cost less than 100 US dollars and Mr. Negroponte wants to build as many
as 15 million machines in the first year of production. The idea is that these computers will help the children’s
education as they will be able to access the Internet. These computers might not help the people in developing
countries immediately, but by improving children’s education they should help people to find their own solutions to
their problems in the long term.
Another idea to help children in developing countries is to recycle old mobile phones so that they can be used
again. In the UK, and probably in many other countries too, millions of mobile phones are thrown away every year.
The waste created by throwing away these old phones is very bad for the environment, so it seems to be an excellent idea to recycle them. In this way we will be able to achieve two important goals at the same time. We
will reduce the waste we produce and help others. In other words, we will be able to “kill two birds with one stone”,
and that is always a good thing.
1. The expression“be damaged” in Paragraph 3 probably means“_________”.
A. be fixed B. be hurt C. be used D. be broken
2. From the passage we can learn that the cheap laptop__________.
A. can help the developing countries with electricity supply
B. can be moved and carried with the help of a special handle
C. can help the children’s education by surfing the Internet
D. will be covered with rubber so that it can save money
3. The writer may agree that in developing countries these ideas can_________.
A. help the children reduce waste and earn money
B. be good for the environment and the education
C. help the children solve the problems at once
D. provide the basic needs for the people there
1. 【答案】:.D
【解析】细节推测题.根据 One difference is that it will be covered in rubber so that it is very strong and won'tbe'
damaged easily.不同的是它将被铺满橡胶因此它是非常牢固的而且不容易被损坏.可知前面说铺满橡胶因此
非常牢固,应该是不容易被弄坏.故选 D.
2. .【答案】C
【解析】细节理解题.根据 he idea is that these computers will help the children's education as they will be able to
access the Internet.这个想法是这些计算机将帮助孩子的教育,因为他们将能够访问互联网.可知廉价的笔记本
电脑可以帮助孩子的教育,故选 C.3. 【答案】B
【解析】细节归纳题.根据 he waste created by throwing away these old phones is very bad for the environment.
扔掉这些旧手机对环境非常糟糕.和 but by improving children's education they should help people to find their
own solutions to their problems in the long term.但通过提高孩子的教育将帮助人们长期解决他们自己的和教
育的意见.故选 B.
We can't control everything that happens to us. We can't control where our families came from, how
much we will pay for school next fall, or how others might treat us. But there is one thing we can control: how we
respond(回应) to what happens to us. And that is what counts! This is why we need to stop worrying about things
we can't control and start worrying about things we can.
Look at the picture. The inner circle is our circle of control. It includes things we have control
over—ourselves, our personality, our choices, and our response to whatever happens to us. Outside the circle of
control is the circle of no control. It includes the thousands of things we can't do anything about.
Now, what will happen if we spend our time and energy worrying about things we can't control, like a
rude comment(评价), a past mistake, or the fact that it's raining on a good hair day? You guessed it! We'll feel even
more out of control, as if we were hurt. For example, if your sister is angry with you and you're always
complaining(抱怨) about her weakness, that won't do anything to fix the problem. It'll only cause you to blame(责
备) your problems on her and lose power yourself. Don't listen to the rude comment, avoid making the mistake next
time, and get an umbrella for the rain. You are the star of your own life. Focus(关注) on what you can influence.
Renatha told me a story that explains this point. A week before her upcoming volleyball game, she
learned that the mother of a player on the other team had made fun of Renatha's volleyball skills. Instead of paying no attention to the comments, Renatha became angry and spent the rest of the week thinking about it. When the
game arrived, her only goal was to show to this woman that she was a good player. To make a long story short,
Renatha played poorly, spent much of her time on the bench, and her team lost the game. She was so focused on
something she couldn't control that she lost control to the only thing she could control—herself.
Proactive(积极的) people focus on the things they can control. By doing so they experience inner peace
and are primed for whatever comes their way. They learn to live with the many things they can't do anything about,
even to smile and laugh about them. They may not like them, but they know it's no use worrying.
53. Why did Renatha play poorly?
A. Because she was thinking about her mistakes.
B. Because she was made fun of during the match.
C. Because she was overtired after the hard training.
D. Because she cared too much about others' comments.
54. What does the underlined part "are primed for'' probably mean in the last paragraph?
A. care for B. wait for C. are ready for D. are sorry for
55. What is probably the best title of the passage?
A. Out of Control, out of Date B. We Can Control Only One Thing
C. The Circle of No Control D. We Must Learn How to Control
【解析】推断题。A 项,“因为她对自己的错误太过关注了”;B 项,“因为她在比赛中被取笑了”;C 项,“因为在高
强度训练后她太累了”;D 项,“因为她太过关心别的人评价”。由文章第四段第三句话 Renatha became angry
and spent the rest of the week thinking of it 可知,她非常在意别人的评价。而最后她也只能 play poorly(表现很
差)。故 D 项符合文意。
2.【答案】C【解析】词义推测题。A 项, care for 意为“关心,爱护”;B 项, wait for 意为“等待”;项, are ready for 意为“准备好;D
项, are sorry for 意为“对而遗憾”。结合文章第五段第一句 positive people focus on things they can control 可以
推测, are primed for 用于描述积极的人,其含义应该也是积极的。根据上文 by doing so they experience inner
peace and are primed for whatever comes their way可以推测积极的人们体会内心的平静,迎接(are primed for)阻
挡他们的任何东西。故 C 项符合文意。
A 项,“失控已经过时了”;B 项,“我们只能控制一件事情”;c 项,“无法控制的圆圈”;D 项,“我们必须学会怎么控
制”。通篇文章在讨论我们所可以控制的内容和我们所不能控制的内容,而且由文章第四段的最后一句话 she
lost control to the only thing she could focus-herself-可知,我们唯一能控制的就是我们自己。B 项符合文意。A
项,文中并未明确说出失控是否过时。C 项,文章主要讲述的是自我控制,而不是无法控制的部分。D 项,表达意
When I was about 10, there were lots of us bored, bookish children in the 1970s. Television was largely
rubbish, and our parents’ bookshelves were what was left. I thought of this when I heard author Claire Tomalin
complain that children are growing up without the skills to read classic works of English literature, such as Charles
Dickens and that they are not being taught to have the lengthy attention spans (时段) necessary for his texts. She
blames this attention shortfall on the terrible television programmes.
It is true that children have never had more entertainment (娱乐) to choose from than today. And it is probably
true that this generation’s attention span is shorter; my children have dismissed as “too slow” or “boring” most of
the childhood books I saved for them. I was quite upset about this until I reread some. It is not just entertainment
that moves at a faster rate. The world does, too. And, frankly, Dickens is dense(头脑愚笨的), and hard work, as are
many writers of that period.
Another fact is that not many children of my generation read Dickens for pleasure either. It took me years to
come to Great Expectations and The Pickwick Papers, and then it was only post-university when I became
independently hungry for knowledge. Dickens might be one of the greatest creators of characters in English, as Tomalin says, but today’s children
see Greg Heffley’s nature in The Wimpy Kid of Jeff Kinney’s novels. And they are so interested in the resourceful
Baudelaire children in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. They can recognize the adolescent (青年
期的,青春期的) difficult situation of Harry Potter.
You can’t insist that childhood tastes not change for a long time. My mother encouraged me to read anything
on the basis that all reading was valuable, and would act as a gateway to more challenging works later on. In turn, I
believe that my children will come to the classics when they’re ready. Until then, I’ll take comfort from the fact that
the 1969 classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar is still the most-read children’s book in Britain. It has underdeveloped
characterization, yes, and the vocabulary is limited. But as a starter to give children an appetite (食欲) for reading,
it is priceless.
1. What is important for children reading Dickens according to Claire Tomalin?
A. Vocabulary. B. Patience.
C. Knowledge. D. Taste.
2. Which of the following would the author agree with about Dickens?
A. They are difficult to understand.
B. Their vocabulary is old and limited.
C. They are the entrance to other literature works.
D. Their characters are better created than today’s works.
3. The author thinks it ________ that children nowadays don’t like Dickens.
A. understandable B. worrying
C. disappointing D. interesting
4. Which of the following can best conclude the topic of the passage?
A. Attention span. B. Classic works.C. Reading skills. D. Children’s reading.
【解析】句意:根据 Claire omalin 所说,孩子们阅读狄更斯小说什么是重要的?A.词汇,B.耐心,C.知识,D.品尝。
根据原文第一段中 such as Charles Dickens and that they are not being taught to have the lengthy attention spans
necessary for his texts." (.如 Charles Dickens 而且他们没有被教育拥有对他的文本所必须的关注度长度)可知,
它们其它文学作品的入口,D.它们的角色比如今的作品创造得更好。根据原文第二段中"Dickens is dense,and
hard work,…(狄更斯是迟钝的而且困难的工作可知,作者认为狄更斯小说是难理解的。故选:A。
【解析】句意:作者认为现在的孩子不喜欢狄更斯小说是怎样的?A.可理解的 B.令人担忧的,C.令人失望的,D.
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