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2020-2021 学年初二英语上册单元测试卷 Unit1 Wheredidyougoonvacation
听力部分(20 分)
一、听句子,选择与其意思相符的图片。(5×1 分=5 分)
A) ,B) ,C) ,D) ,E)
1._______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _______
二、听短对话,选择正确的答案。(5×1 分=5 分)
( )6.What did the boy see when he was at the beach?
A.Fish. B.Birds. C.A dog.
( )7.Why didn't the boy climb to the top?
A.Because it was hot. B.Because he was tired.
C.Because it was rainy.
( )8.What did Ben buy for the girl?
A.A dress. B.A book. C.A model plane.
( )9.When did the man visit Shanghai?
A.In 2015. B.In 2017. C.In 2016.
( )10.How did the man go to Hangzhou?
A.By plane. B.By train. C.By bus.
三、听长对话,选择正确的答案。(5×1 分=5 分)
听下面一段对话,回答第 11、12 小题。
( )11.Where does Kevin want to go for vacation?
A.China. B.Canada. C.Australia.
( )12.Why does the girl want to go to the beach?A.Because she wants to go swimming.
B.Because she wants to enjoy the sun.
C.Because she wants to go boating.
听下面一段对话,回答第 13~15 小题。
( )13.Where did Brad go on vacation?
A.The art museum. B.The butterfly museum.
C.The music museum.
( )14.Who went with Brad?
A.His cousin. B.His classmate. C.His friend.
( )15.What did Brad think of the museum?
A.Boring. B.Interesting. C.Nothing special.
四、听短文,选择正确的答案。(5×1 分=5 分)
( )16.What day was it yesterday?
A.Saturday. B.Sunday. C.Monday.
( )17.How was the weather yesterday?
A.Cloudy. B.Sunny. C.Windy.
( )18.What did Jim and his sister do in the afternoon?
A.They visited the park. B.They went to the movies.
C.They went shopping.
( )19.What did Jim's sister buy for their mom?
A.Some flowers. B.A T-shirt. C.A dress.
( )20.How did Jim and his sister go home?
A.By bus. B.By taxi. C.On foot.
笔试部分(100 分)
五、单项选择。(15×1 分=15 分)
( )21.When you go to London, don't forget to take a(n) ________ because it rains a lot.
A.map B.money C.umbrella D.diary
( )22.—Do you need my help, Amy?—No, thanks. I can do it by ________.
A.myself B.I C.me D.my
( )23.The question is so difficult that ________ students can answer it.
A.a little B.a few C.little D.few
( )24.The next day was not ________ good, so we had nothing much to do.
A.like B.as C.to D.for
( )25.Tony is________ now,and he wants to eat some food.
A.hot B.hungry C.tired D.wet
( )26.I found this movie ________, and most people are ________with it.
A.boring;boring B.boring;bored
C.bored;bored D.bored;boring
( )27.—Sir, ________ called you just now. I told him to phone again 20 minutes later.
—OK. Thank you.
A.anyone B.nobody C.someone D.everyone
( )28.Lisa's dog is lost and she's very sad (难过的). I ________ what we can do to help her.
A.wonder B.wish C.learn D.worry
( )29.The Greens decided ________ to the Central Park.
A.go B.went C.to go D.going
( )30.He can't go to work today ________his illness (病).
A.because B.because of C.but D.and
( )31.—When can you come to my party tomorrow?
—I'm not sure, but I will ________to arrive early.
A.wait B.forget C.learn D.try
( )32.—What did you buy for your son at the supermarket?
—I bought________, because I couldn't find ________ he likes.
A.something;anything B.anything;something
C.nothing;anything D.something;nothing
( )33.The sweater is ________, but we don't have ________ to buy it.A.good enough;enough money
B.enough good;enough money
C.well enough;money enough
D.well enough;enough money
( )34.When I swim in the river,I ________ I'm a fish.
A.look like B.feel like C.sound like D.seem like
( )35.—Where did your mother go on vacation?
A.She stays at home B.She visits her uncle
C.She went to New York D.She played basketball
六、完形填空。(10×1 分=10 分)
Susan went on a trip to Hastings with her classmates last Friday. They were very excited ___36__ it
was their first school trip.
The night before, Susan prepared (把……准备好) things for the trip. She put a __37__ in her bag
because the weather was still cold.She also took some hamburgers, cakes, juice and candy.
Susan didn't sleep very well that night. She ___38__ very early the next morning. She got dressed,
brushed her teeth and had breakfast at 7:15.Then she took her bag.
Her father drove __39__ to school. Susan __40__ her classmates outside the school. They waited for
the bus __41__ 10 minutes and when it arrived, everyone got on it very quickly.
The ___42__ took about two hours. They spent most of the time singing and talking, so it seemed
very ___43__.
When they arrived in Hastings, the sun was bright (明亮的),but it was a little cold, so they ___44__
swim in the sea.They visited the castle (城堡) and had lunch in the park. Susan bought a T-shirt for her
brother. They __45__ at 7 p.m. and got home at about 9 o'clock. Susan was really tired, but she liked this
school trip.
( )36.A.but B.so C.if D.because
( )37.A.sweater B.map C.candle D.flag
( )38.A.sat down B.ate out C.got up D.ran away( )39.A.him B.her C.it D.them
( )40.A.saved B.met C.taught D.missed
( )41.A.with B.on C.for D.of
( )42.A.visit B.exercise C.ride D.test
( )43.A.long B.short C.easy D.difficult
( )44.A.could B.couldn't C.need D.needn't
( )45.A.slept B.studied C.read D.left
七、阅读理解。(15×2 分=30 分)
A few good friends are talking about their last vacations.
I went to Xi'an with my cousin.We visited the Terracotta Army (兵马俑) and had a great
time.We ate delicious food,too.Xi'an is a big and nice city.I like it a lot.
My parents took me to Hong Kong by plane.We went to Disneyland.It's just like a fairy
tale kingdom (童话王国).And we bought many special things.Most of them weren't
expensive at all.
Last summer,my family went to Hainan.The weather was sunny and hot.We went
swimming and boating.They were exciting.Later,we ate some seafood.It was very delicious!
My uncle works in Tibet (西藏).Last summer,I took a train to visit him.There I saw lots
of tall and clean mountains.Many people there are good at singing and dancing.
( )46.What did Jason do on vacation?
A.Ate delicious food. B.Went shopping.
C.Went boating. D.Saw some mountains.
( )47.Who had a great time at the sea?
A.Helen. B.Jason. C.Diana. D.Bruce.( )48.Which people are good at dancing and singing?
A.People in Xi'an. B.People in Hong Kong.
C.People in Hainan. D.People in Tibet.
( )49.How did all the friends feel about their vacations?
A.Sad. B.Bored. C.Terrible. D.Happy.
( )50.Which of the following is TRUE?
A.Helen went to Xi'an by plane.
B.Jason liked boating on the sea.
C.Diana visited Disneyland.
D.Bruce visited his uncle in Tibet.
My family and I went on vacation in Las Vegas last year. It was an exciting trip. But on the last day,
there was something bad.
My family went to watch a show. There were many people in the cinema watching it. When the show
was over, the people started to leave.My nine-year-old sister walked with me. But a few minutes later some
people separated us. I couldn't find her! I thought she would be with my parents.But when I found them,
my sister was not there. After two hours, we still didn't find her. We had to go back to our hotel. To our
surprise (惊讶), my sister was at the hotel. She said a kind woman took her back.
This experience (经历) taught me an important lesson. I need to look after my sister well. And there
are always good people.
( )51.The writer thought the vacation in Las Vegas was________.
A.bad B.interesting C.boring D.exciting
( )52.The family ________ on the last day.
A.visited a museum B.watched a show
C.did some shopping D.stayed at the hotel
( )53.The underlined (画线的) word “separated” means “________” in Chinese.
A.分开 B.斥责 C.忽视 D.注意
( )54.Where did they find the writer's sister?A.In a classroom. B.At the hotel.
C.In the cinema. D.In the police station.
( )55.Which can be the best title?
A.My family B.No one helped us
C.A lesson in a trip D.Be kind to children
Do you like traveling (旅行)? How can you make your trip interesting?Here is some advice.
Read! Before you leave, you should find some information about the destination (目的地), such as its
geography, history and people.You can learn about that place better.
Take photos! If you want to take some photos, remember to choose (选择) special sights (名
胜).Don't choose the sights that you can see in other places. For example,if you are in Beijing, take some
photos of the Great Wall or the Forbidden City (紫禁城) but not the shopping malls.
Taste! You'd better taste some specials (特产) in the place. Food in some places is delicious. So why
not taste it? Maybe you have just one chance (机会) to taste it in your life.
Write!When you visit a place, you should take a pen and a notebook. You can write down what you
see and what you think during the trip.
( )56.The passage is giving advice on ________.
A.traveling B.reading C.taking photos D.writing
( )57.It's a good idea to ________ before you start your trip.
A.play a game
B.take an umbrella
C.buy some food
D.learn something about the destination
( )58.You'd better take photos of ________ there when you are visiting a place.
A.traditional food B.the shopping malls
C.special sights D.all the people
( )59.You need to take ________ to write down your experiences when you are visiting a place.
A.a pen and a notebook B.a computerC.a mobile phone D.a watch
( )60.You may probably read the passage in a ________.
A.math book B.guide book
C.music book D.clothes magazine
八、词汇运用。(10×1 分=10 分)
61.I couldn't ________(决定) where to go for vacation.
62.I'm ________(饥饿的). Could you give me something to eat?
63.In summer, there is ________(足够的) rain in my hometown.
64.Look! There are too many ________(鸟) in the tree.
65.I went ________(某个地方) interesting on vacation this summer.
66.There are some ________(different) between them.
67.This is our new teaching ________(build).
68.Boys and girls, did you enjoy ________(you) in the park?
69.Did they go to the beach with ________(someone)?
70.He ________(visit) his grandparents last week.
九、补全对话。(5×2 分=10 分)
A:How was your May Day holiday?
A:What did you do for the holiday?
B:I went to the City Park with my family. 72.________
A:Wow! You really did something nice. 73.________
B:From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
B:We took some food and water.
A:75.________ I want to help.B:Sure! I'm glad you can join us.
A.Did you go there with anyone?
B.What about your lunch?
C.It was great.
D.How long did you stay there?
E.Can I join you next time?
F.It tasted really good!
G.We helped the cleaners clean the park.
十、任务型阅读。(5×2 分=10 分)
Dear Anna,
Long time no see! Where did you go on vacation? This summer vacation, Jamie and I did something
different. We didn't play football or computer games. In July, we went to the poor (贫穷的) village of
Ciceu and stayed there for seven days.
I took some English books, pens and toys (玩具) to give the poor children there. When we arrived
there on Sunday, there were about 200 children waiting for us. We played games with them, and we had
Jamie took twelve computers from his school. These computers were not very new, so Jamie's school
decided to give them to the poor village school. In Ciceu, there were only two computers for over 300
During those days, I taught the children English and they seemed to have a lot of fun.Jamie taught the
children how to use these computers and went out to help feed the pigs and hens. We enjoyed our vacation
there. We want to go there again next summer vacation.
76.How long did Tina and Jamie stay in the village?
77.What did Tina take to the children?________________________________________________________________________
78.What did Jamie take to the poor village?
79.How many children are there in the village?
80.Who taught the children English?
十一、书面表达。(15 分)
在新学期开始之际,你校英语报发起了以“My Wonderful Vacation”为题的征文活动。假如你是
2.词数 80 左右。
My Wonderful Vacation
1.Jane studied for a test last weekend.
2.Bill visited the museum yesterday.
3.My brother decided to buy a bicycle.4.It started to rain on our way home.
5.I ate some fish for lunch and it was delicious.
6.W:Did you see any fish when you were at the beach?
M:No, I didn't.But I saw quite a few birds.
7.W:I heard you went to Mount Hua last week.Did you climb to the top?
M:No, we didn't.It started to rain in the afternoon,so we went back.
8.W:How was your trip,Ben?
M:It was great!I bought a dress for you and a model plane for Mike.
9.W:My family went to Shanghai in 2017.It is really a big city.
M:Yes,it is.I visited there in 2016.
10.W:Why didn't you go to Hangzhou by plane?It is fast.
M:Yes,it is.But it is also expensive.So I took the train.
听下面一段对话,回答第 11、12 小题。
W:Where do you want to go for vacation, Kevin?
M:My parents and I want to go to Canada.
W:I think it's a good place.
M:Yes.Where do you want to go?
W:I want to go to the beach to enjoy the sun.
M:Have a good time!
听下面一段对话,回答第 13~15 小题。
M:Hello, Jenny.
W:Hello, Brad.Where did you go on vacation?
M:I went to the butterfly museum.
W:Did you go with anyone?
M:Yes.My cousin Ted went with me.
W:Did you have fun there?M:Yes.I thought it was interesting.But Ted didn't like it.
M:He thought the museum was nothing special.
(M)I'm Jim.It's Monday today.Let me tell you what I did yesterday.Yesterday was a sunny day.In the
morning, my sister and I went to the park.There were a lot of people there.We had great fun playing in the
park.In the afternoon, we decided to go shopping.In the shopping mall, I bought a T-shirt.Before we left
the shop, my sister bought some flowers for our mom.Then we went home by taxi.We were tired but
一、1~5 FAECD
二、6~10 BCACB
三、11~15 BBBAB
四、16~20 BBCAB
五、21~25 CADBB 26~30 BCACB 31~35 DCABC
六、36~40 DACBB 41~45 CCBBD
七、46~50 BCDDD 51~55 DBABC 56~60 ADCAB
八、61.decide 62.hungry 63.enough 64.birds 65.somewhere
66.differences 67.building 68.yourselves 69.anyone 70.visited
九、71~75 CGDBE
十、76.Seven days/A week. 77.Some English books, pens and toys.
78.Twelve computers. 79.Over 300 children. 80.Tina.
十一、One possible version:
My Wonderful Vacation
Hi,I'm Li Lei.During the summer vacation,I went to Qingdao with my family.I had an interesting
summer vacation there.
We went there by high-speed rail and it only took us three hours to get to the city.When we arrived
there, we first went to the beach.The sea water was blue, and the air was very fresh.We swam in the sea and took a walk on the beach.Bathing in the sunshine on the beach was really a wonderful thing.I also
picked up some colorful shells there.At last, we ate lots of delicious seafood there.
The trip made me feel relaxed.I like Qingdao very much and I want to go there again next year.
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