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语法填空提升练(三) 时态和语态
1.(2016·浙江温州二外月考)That was the first time I          (go) there and I was impressed by the friendly people very much.
2.St.Peter opened the suitcase to inspect the things before the man found too precious to leave behind and exclaimed (感叹),“You brought pavement?As you can see,the great street of the city of heaven          (make) of pure gold!”
3.(2017·四川巴蜀中学一诊)For more than 50 years,travellers             (use) the international driver’s license to travel in foreign countries.
4.(2017·山东青岛一模)The men said they          (hear)a tiger growling(虎啸) somewhere nearby,but they didn’t know from which direction the noise had come.
5.(2017·山东泰安一模)Ten people were going from one village to another.On the way they had to cross a river.After crossing they      (want) to be sure whether all were there.
6.(2017·山东烟台3月诊断)A school in Sarajevo not only accepted a deaf student,but also      (teach) the entire class sign language  to allow them to better communicate with him.
7.(2017·山东下学期综合测试)Shortly after he borrowed this book,he          (call) to London to continue his research.
8.(2017·全国Ⅲ)Sarah      (tell) that she could be Britain’s new supermodel earning a million dollars in the new year.Her father Peter,44,wants her to give up school to model fulltime.
9.After the fire,I would bake brownies and (1)     (take) them down to the fire station with our daughter.We (2)         (be) friends all these years.It has been quite a while since I have baked for them,and today was the perfect opp ortunity!
As I walked into the firehouse,I (3)           (greet) by a firefighter with the warmest smile.
In China,there are various means of transport for da y-to-day living:subways,buses,cars,and even bikes...but taxis rank high on the list.
Taxis are certainly the most convenient means of transport,as 1.      requires little effort to raise your arm to call a cab.Besides,fares in China are 2. (afford).They start in daytime hours in the capital at RMB 13 yuan for 3.  fir st 3 kilometers,after which you pay another RMB 2.3 yuan per kilometer.This is far 4.  expensive than that in European capitals.In Lon don,for example,two kilometers’ ride could cost you about RMB 63 yuan.
Taxicabs as we know them today first 5. (appear) in China in the early 20th century,but 6. (be) the reserve(备用) of the rich and the powerful.Nowadays,7. (take) a cab is commonplace in China.
Before coming to China,I 8. (warn) that there were awful drivers who would make  long detours(绕行) 9. (get) higher fares.However,most taxi drivers I have met are nice.They know the city like the back of their hands,and are glad to be 10.  some help.

Many teachers believe that hands-on experience is the 1.      (good) way to learn.A group of students in the United States are putting that belief to the test. They 2.       (success) designed and built a robot for discovering unexploded mines 3.       the bottom of the sea.Students made the robot 4.         (answer) a challenge from the U.S.Department of Defense.
The students recently tested the underwater vehicle 5.      (call) Perseus Ⅱ in a 95-meter-long tank of water at the Stevens Institute of Technology.
The robot costs about $15,000 to build.The students use a video game controller to direct its 6. (move) in the tank.What’s more,devices know as Japters 7.     (able) the robot to go up,down and toward its target in the water.Video cameras on the robot send images back to a computer through a 13-meter-long cable.Perseus Ⅱ also has 8.       set of lasers(激光),which are used to measure the size of an object.
The robot is the creation of five undergraduate students.For over six months,they worked up 9.       20 hours a week to design and build Perseus Ⅱ.
DeLo me supervised the project from the 10.           (begin) to the end.He says the specialized requirements of robot were demanding.


语法填空提升练(三) 时态和语态
1.had gone 考查固定句型中的时态用法。句意:这是我第一次到那里,我对友好的人印象很深刻 。That is the first time+从句,从句的谓语是现在完成时,That was the first time+从句,从句的谓语是过去完成时,由此可知答案。
2.is made 考查时态。路是由金子做的,所以用被动语态,这里叙述的是一个事实,所以用一般现在时。
3.have used/have been using 句意:50多年来,游客们一直使用国际驾照在外国旅游。根据时间状语For more than 50 years可知设空处需用现在完成时或者现在完成进行时。
4.had heard 句意:那个人说他们曾在附近某些地方听到过虎啸,但他们不知道虎啸到底来自哪个方向。设空处hear先于said发生,表示“过去的过去”,故设空处需用过去完成时。
5.wanted 句意:10个人正从一个村庄去另一个村庄。路上,他们必须过一条河。过河后他们想弄清是否所有人都到齐了。设空处介绍过去的事情 ,故用一般过去时。
6.taught 句意:萨拉热窝的一所学校不仅招收一个耳聋的学生 ,而且还教班里所有的同学手语,目的是让他们更好地与耳聋的学生交流。accepted与设空处并列,且设空处也表示过去的动作,故用一般过去时。
7.was called 句意:他借了这本书后不久,他被叫到了伦敦继续他的研究。根据borrowed可推知设空处需用一般过去时,主语he与call为被动关系,故设空处需用一般过去时的被动语态。
8.was told/has been told 此处Sarah已经是别人告诉她的了或者是已经被告知所以用过去时或现在完成时的被动语态,又因为主语为单数;所以用was told/has been told。
9.(1)take 此处考查动词时态。根据句中的and,可知would bake与该空内容是并列的。
(2)have been 此处考查动词时态。根据句中的all these years可知用现在完成时。
(3)was greeted 此处考查动词的时态和语态。根据前面的As I walked into the firehouse可知是发生在过去,根据句中的by可知用被动语态。
1.it 考查代词。此处的it 为形式主语,真正的主语是后面的“to raise your arm to call a cab”。
2.affordable 考查形容词。此处应用形容词作表语。affordable意为“负担得起的”,符合语境。
3.the 考查冠词。序数词前需要用定冠词。
4.less 考查比较级。根据空后的than可知,此处需要用比较级;根据下一句可知,此处表示便宜得多,所以用less。
5.appeared 考查动词的时态。根据句中的时间状语“in the early 20th century”可知,应用一般过去时。
6.were 考查时态和主谓一致。本句主语为Taxicabs,根据时间状语“in the early 20th century”可知,应用一般过去时,故填were。
7.taking/to take 考查非谓语动词。空处在句中作主语,应该用动词-ing形式或不定式。
8.was warned/had been warned 考查时态和语态。I与warn存在动宾关系,应用被动语态。时间状语为“Before coming to China”,空处可以用一般过去时的被动语态。此处也可以强调空处的动作发生在来中国这一动作之前,用过去完成时的被动语态。
9.to get 考查非谓语动词。此处用动词不定式表示目的。
10.of 考查介词。“of+名词”相当于该名词所对应的形容词,即of help相当于helpful。
1.best 考查形容词比较等级。句 意:很多老师认为,实践操作是最好的学习方式。根据句意,本句隐含比较意义,应用形容词最高级。故填best。
2.successfully 考查词性转换。句意:他们成功设计并制造了一台机器人,用来发现海底未被开采的矿井。设空处修饰谓语动词designed,应用副词。故填successfully。
3.at 考查介词。句意见上一题解析。at the bottom of...“在……底部”,为固定短语。故填at。
4.to answer 考查非谓语动词。句意:学生们制造这台机器人来回应美国国防部的一个挑战。根据句意,设空处在句中作目的状语,应用动词不定式。故填to answer。
5.called 考查非谓语动词。句意:学生们最近测试了水下被称作柏修斯2号的机器,这台机器在史蒂文斯理工学院一个长95米的水箱中。分析句子结构及句意可知,      (call) Perseus Ⅱ在句中作the underwater vehicle的后置定语,且call与the underwater vehicle之间为动宾关系,故用过去分词。故填called。
6.movements 考查词性转换及名词单复数。句意:学生们使用视频游戏控制器指挥其在水箱移动。设空前有形容词性物主代词its,判断此处应为名词;movement意为“移动”,为可数名词,根据句意,此处指不止一次的移动,故用复数形式。故填movements。
7.enable 考查词性转换。句意:另外,为人所知的阿普特设备使得机器人在水中能够上下并朝着目标移动。分析句子结构可知,设空处在句中作谓语,且全文时态为一般现在时,故填enable。enable sb.to do sth.“能使某人做某事”。
8.a 考查冠词。句意:柏修斯2号还有一组激光,被用来测量物体的尺寸。a set of...“一组……”,是常用短语。故填a。
9.to 考查介词。句意:在过去的六个多月中,为了设计和制造柏修斯2号他们每天工作高达20个小时。up to“多达,高达”,为固定短语。故填to。
10.beginning 考查词性转换。句意:DeLome从头至尾监督了这项工程。设空前为定冠词the,因此应用名词,根据句意 应填beginning,from t he beginning to the end “从开始到最后”。


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