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(编辑:佚名 日期:2018-2-6)

语法填空提升练(六) 非谓语动词
1.(2017·天津改编)I was watching the clock all through the meeting,as I had a train          (catch).
2.(2017·天津改编)The hospital has recently obtained new medical equipment,     (allow) more patients to be treated.
3.(2017·北京改编)Many airlines  now allow passengers to print their boarding passes online      (save) their valuable time.
4.The researchers also noted that slim diners chewed around 15 times per mouthful,three chews more than heavier diners.By      (eat) more slowly,the diner spends less time it takes for the brain to feel full.
5.For me,     (participate) in charity work might be a good way to spread my love.
6.In your daily life,you often meet with such embarrassing experiences—you try to avoid (1)     (talk) to someone that you recognise when (2)     (cross) the street.
7.(2016·浙江瑞安四校联考 )“It’s such a nice place,” Mother said as she sat at the table      (reserve)for customers.
8.(2016·浙江温州二外月考)With the guide      (lead)the way,we finally got to the village which we were looking for.
9.You needn’t worry about situations like these if you have good social skills.They are easy         (learn).
At the last weekend of November,I drov e to Fragrant Hills Park to see red leaves with my wife.Although the park announced it closed 1.      (it) yearly Red Leaf Festival early on November 13,it was still very crowded.It 2.         (report) that it received more than one million visitors during the Red Leaf Festival.
We were told four ways to the top of the mountain,each of 3.       took 60 minutes to complete.We  chose one way to get to the top.4.      (See) from the top,it looked very beautiful.5.       colorful the mountain is!Some trees were all red and some were covered 6.       yellow.The yellow leaves were especially golden and 7.      (enjoy).Then we visited Liulita,Xishanqingxue,Duojingting and so on.I think they were all 8.      (well) worth visiting than many other attractions.
On the way,we met an old couple who came from America.They said that they had travelled in China for several 9.      (month) and China was very great and beautiful.When I heard what they said,I was feeling 10.      (pride) as a Chinese.

What is the most popular communication tool today?1.       your answer is QQ or MSN,I must say you’re a bit o ld-fashioned.Today ,a new form of communication “WeChat”,which 2.      (own) a Chinese name Weixin,is becoming the most influential text and voicing tool all over the world.
What advantages does WeChat have?First,We Chat is 3.       relatively cheap way of communication;that is to say,it uses network traffic instead of telephone fare.Next,we can know 4.       is going on at any time.And we can have 5.       (easy) access to information available than other messaging tools.
What roles does it pl ay 6.       our daily life?According to the latest report,the registered users on WeChat platform have topped 200 million and WeChat has expanded its business to overseas market.Can you imagine that a mobile phone “app” is so 7.      (appeal) that it reaches 200 million users within 8 months?WeChat 8.       (it) has become the most popular mobile chat application in the world.A large number of people have become “WeChataholic”,which means they keep staring at the mobile phone all the time and can’t live without 9.      .
However,while enjoying its great convenience,people should not ignore the danger of 10.         (cheat),for information on WeChat is publicly known.


语法填空提升练(六) 非谓语动词
1.to catch 句意:整个会议期间我一直在看钟表,因为我要赶火车。as引导原因状语从句,had表示“有”,此处为固定表达sb .have sth.to do“某人有某事要做”。本句中catch的逻辑主语为I,与句子的主语一致,作名词a train的后置定语,故应用动词不定式的主动形式。
2.allowing 句意:最近这家医院已经获得了新的医疗设备,这使得更多的病人能得到治疗。“获得了新的医疗设备”和“更多的病人得到治疗”之间是因果关系,且allow与the hospital之间为主动关系,故用动词-ing形式作结果状语。
3.to save 句意:现在许多航空公司允许乘客在网上打印登机证以节省他们的宝贵时间。根 据句意和句子结构可知,此处应该使用不定式结构作目的状语。
4.eating 介词后面用动词-ing作宾语。
5.participating 作主语,表主动,用动词-ing,所以填participating。
6.(1)talking avoid doing为固定用法。
(2)crossing cross的逻辑主语就是句子的主语you,所以用动词-ing表主动。
7.reserved 句意:这个地方真不错,当妈妈坐在为顾客预留出来的桌子旁时说。reserve和谓语动词sat之间没有连词,故用非谓语,且和其逻辑主语the table构成逻辑上的被动关系,用过去分词表示被动、完成的概念,在句子中作后置定语。
8.leading 考查with的复合结构。句意:有导游带路,我们最终到了我们找的村子。wi th+宾语+动词-ing,表示宾语the guide和动作lead是主动关系,故用leading。
9.to learn be easy后省掉了for you,所以用不定式的主动形式构成“be easy to do...”结构。
1.its 考查代词。作定语,和yearly共同作Red Leaf Festival的定语,用形容词性物主代词its。
2.was reported 考查时态和语态。空格后面引导的是一个宾语从句,也就是说that前是一主句,再结合整句的时态,所以用was reported,构成It is reported that...结构。意思是“据报道……”。
3.which 考查定语从句。代替上文指物的形容词ways,作介词of的宾语,用关系代词which。我们得知共有四条上山的路,走完每一条要用1小时的时间。
4.Seen 考查非谓语动词。see的逻辑主语就是句子的主语“it”,指的是上文所说的“mountain”,所以用过去分词作状语,表被动。
5.How 考查感叹句。由句末的“!”可知,这是一个感叹句,空格后为形容词colorful,所以用How修饰。
根据标点符号把答案锁定在how 和what之间,再根据空格后的单词词性直接锁定答案。
6.with 考查介词。be covered with为固定结构,意为“被……覆盖”。
7.enjoyable 考查词形变换。and 表示并列,所以其后所填的词应该和前面的“golden(金色的)”一致,所以用形容词形式enjoyable。
8.better 考查形容词的比较等级。后有than,用比较级形式。
9.months 考查名词的数。前有修饰词several(几个)修饰,用名词的复数形式。
10. proud 考查词形变换。在系动词feel后作表语,用形容词形式。句意:听到他们所说的话,我感到作为一个中国人特别的自豪。
【语篇导读】 本文对目前非常流行的微信进行了介绍。
1.If 考查状语从句。由语境可知此处表示条 件,故填If。
2.owns 考查时态和主谓一致。由全文的时态和语境可知此处应用一般现在时,且定语从句的关系代词指代WeChat (第三人称单数),故答案为owns。
3.a 考查冠词。此处表示微信是一种相对便宜的通讯方式。way为可数名词单数,在本句中表泛指,所以用不定冠词a。
4.what 考查宾语从句。句意:其次,我们随时可以知道发生了什么。
5.easier 考查形容词比较级。根据本句中的“than”可知设空处需用形容词的比较级。
6.in 考查介词。play a...role in...为固定短语,意为“在……中起……作用”。句意:它在我们的日常生活中起着什么作用呢?
7.appealing 考查词性 转换。appealing为形容词,意为“有吸引力的”。
8.itself 考查代词。空处作同位语,由语境和提示词it 可知此处应填反身代词itself。
9.it 考查代词。此处用it指代前面的the mobile phone。
10.being cheated 考查动词-ing作介词宾语。介词后应用动词-ing作宾语。people与cheat为逻辑上的被动关系,故用动词-ing的被动 形式,即being cheated。


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