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语法填空提升练(八) 形容词和副词
1....if we take short breaks      (regular).
2.Everything seemed to be going      (smooth)for the first  two days after I moved to New York.
3.(2017·山东泰安一模)A wise man came along and asked them,“Oh,my dear friends,why are you crying?”“We were ten but now we are only nine,”they replied,and cried even      (hard).
4.And if he wants to live        (comfort),he has to work.
5.The      (hard) you try to beat him,the more likely you will get hit.
6.He was a bit      (smart)than any other painter around him.
7.My aunt  advised that I needed to go to hospital,a nd the treatment she provided gave my parents      (value)time to take me to the hospital.
8.As they couldn’t play outdoors,they were     (happy),and some even got into fights from time to time.
9.He has to work if he wants to live          (comfortable).
10.—I’m going to Venice next week.
—You’re      (luck).Carnival will be held then.Have fun!
After 1.       (experience) the “space walk” in zero gravity,the six silkworms,2.       were taken aboard Tiangong Ⅱ for experiment have started showing 3.     their spinning skills.
A footage released by CCTV on Thursday shows the insects sp inning in their special “living rooms” 4.     (hold) by astronaut Jing Haipeng.
The six silkworms,“dwelling in” separate 5. (contain)made from aerospace material,are wrapped with aerospace-used sponge,6.         (help) them better adapt 7.      the environment.According to a researcher from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation,the six silkworms with “whiter skins” and “larger shape” 8.           (select) from nearly 4,000 silkworms after extensive training before starting their ou ter space travel.
The silkworm experiment,one of the three projects designed  by Hong Kong middle school students,9.      (aim) to study the insect’s spinning,cocooning and transformation in microgravity.
More 10.        (experiment) results are expected.

(原创 )
A six-year-old boy from New York has won the respect of the former US President Barack Obama and thousands of others 1.      he offered to take 2.  Omran Daqneesh,a little boy who was injured after his home in Aleppo,Syria,was bombed.
The image of five-year-old Omran sat alone in an ambulance,covered in dust and blood,shocked the world a nd inspired six-year-old Alex,from Scarsda le,New York,to take 3.     (act).
In a handwritten letter 4.      (send)to the White House,Alex asked Obama to go and collect Omran and bring him to his house where “we will be waiting for you guys with flags,flowers,and balloons.”
Alex said that Omran could be part of his family,and offered to be his brother.He said he would teach 5. (he) how to speak English,to ride a bike and added that his sister Catherine 6.         (share) her toys with him.
Obama read Alex’s words aloud in a speech he 7. (give) at the United Nations earlier this week,before 8.     (post)a video of Alex reading the letter himself to Facebook.In his message,Obama asked people to read the letter to “understand why he had decided to share 9.  with the world.”
“We should all be more like Alex.Imagine what the world would look like if we 10.     (be),” he added.


语法填空提升练(八) 形容词和副词
1.regularly 副词修饰动词(多在后)。
2.smoothly 修饰谓语动词go作状语,用副词形式。句意:在我搬到纽约后的开始两天一切看起来都很顺利。
3.harder 句意:一位智者走了过来,问道:“噢,我亲爱的朋友们,你们为什么哭啊?”“我们本来10个人,可现在我们只有9个人了。”他 们回答道,甚至哭得更厉害了。根据句意以及设空处前的even可知此处需用副词的比较级形式作cried的状语。
4.comfortably 句意:并且如果想过得安逸,他就得工作。此处需用副词修饰动词live。
5.harder 考查固定句式中的比较等级。这里是“the+比较级...,the+比较级...”句式,表示“越……就越……”。故答案为harder。
6.smarter 根据than可知此处应用比较级smarter。
7.valuable 修饰名词time作定语,用形容词形式,故用valuable。句意:我姑姑建议我得去住院,她给我提供的治疗给了我父母宝贵的时间将我送去了医院。
8.unhappy 在系动词were后作表语,用形容词。再根据句意为:由于他们不能去外面玩,所以他们不高兴,甚至有些孩子不时地打架斗殴。所以用unhappy“不高兴的”。
9.comfortably 修饰动词live,作状语,用副词形式。
10.lucky 和系动词are构成系表结构,用形容词形式。句意:——我下周要去威尼斯。——你太幸运了。那时候正好是狂欢节。祝你玩得开心!
1.experiencing 考查非谓语动词。“experience”和其逻辑主语(即句子的主语)“the six silkworms”之间是主动关系,所以用动词-ing表被动。
2.which 考查关系代词。引导一个非限制性定语从句,在从句中作主语,代替指物的先行词the six silkworms,用关系代词which。
3.off 考查固定搭配。show off为固定搭配,意为“炫耀”。句意:在失重条件下经过“太空行走”之后,六只被带上天宫二号做实验的蚕虫开始吐丝。
4.held 考查非谓语动词。这里指的是:宇航员景海鹏手持蚕虫的特殊“ 太空屋”,也就是说,太空屋是被“握住”的,所以用过去分词表被动。
5.containers 考查名词。这里指的是不同的容器,所以应该用名词的复数形式。
6.to help 考查非谓语动词。作目的状语,用动词不定式。句意:这六只蚕虫“居住”在航空材料制成的独立容器中,由航空海绵包裹,这有利于它们更好地适应环境。
7.to 考查固定搭配。adapt to为固定搭配,意为“适应”。
8.were selected 考查时态和语态。这六只蚕虫是在升空前选的,所以用一般过去时的被动语态。句意:这六只蚕虫“皮肤更白”且“体型更大”,它们是从近4000只蚕虫当中挑选出来的。
9.aims 考查时态。该句 描述的是现在的一个事实,所以用一般现在时。主语The silkworm experiment,所以用第三人称单数。
10.experimental 考查形容词。修饰名词experiment作定语,用形容词形式。
1.after 考查连词。这里表示“在……之后”,用after。句意:叙利亚小男童奥姆兰在阿勒波的家被炸,纽约的一位6岁男孩表示希望能伸出援手,他的善心感动了美国总统奥巴马和百万网友。
2.in 考查介词。take in为固定搭配,意为“接收”。
3.action 考查名词。作动词take的宾语,用名词形式。take action意为“采取行动”。
4.sent 考查过去分词。作定语,和其所修饰的名词letter是动宾关系 ,所以用过去分词。
5.him 考查代词。在谓语动词teach后作宾语,用宾格。
6.would share 考查时态。这里指的是主句的谓语动词“added”之后的动作,所以用过去将来时。句意:他说他会教奥姆兰英语、骑车,并补充说他的妹妹凯瑟琳会跟他分享她的布娃娃。
7.gave 考查时态。和前面的read并列,描述的是过去的动作,用一般过去时。
8.posting 考查非谓语动词。在介词before后作宾语,和逻辑主语“he”是主谓关系,所以用动词-ing形式。
9.it 考查代词。代替上文所说的“the letter”,用代词it。
10.were 考查虚拟语气的用法。这里是对现在情况的虚拟。句意:我们都应该更像亚历克斯。想象一下如果我们都像他,我们的世界会怎样。


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